The Patriots and Wes Welker


The Broncos just signed Wes Welker to a 2-yr/$12 Million contract. This was after the best slot receiver in the NFL indicated a willing interest to stay with his current team, the New England Patriots. Based on open reports, Welker waited to see if the Patriots match the offer and upon being spurned, signed with the Broncos.

To assess the impact of this, let’s look at some data.

2011 – 122 catches for 1569 yards and 9 TDs

2012 – 118 catches for 1354 yds and 6 TDs

For 2012, this is what it translates to. For obvious reasons 2011 is way better.

  1. Number of receptions in the NFL – Rank 2 (Calvin Johnson 1)
  2. Receiving yards – Rank 8
  3. Yards after catch – Rank 1 (619 yards)
  4. Number of targets – Rank 4 (174 times)

Here are the receivers who will be paid higher in 2013 (salary + bonus)

  1. Calvin Johnson
  2. Brandon Marshall
  3. Greg Jennings (projected)
  4. Julio Jones
  5. Roddy White
  6. Vincent Jackson
  7. Marques Colston
  8. Larry Fitzgerald
  9. Sidney Rice
  10. Percy Harvin
  11. Michael Crabtree
  12. Miles Austin
  13. Dez Bryant
  14. DeSean Jackson
  15. Antonio Brown
  16. Torrey Smith
  17. Andre Johnson
  18. Dwayne Bowe
  19. Darrius Heyward-Bey (cut today)
  20. Mike Wallace
  21. Brian Hartline
  22. Danny Amendola
  23. Stevie Johnson
  24. Santonio Holmes

While the notion that slot receiver is paid lower than the deep threat is true, as you can see, the deal as it sits is already a sale. Given that the patriots offered $10 mil over 2 years as opposed to $12, you would have to ask Robert Kraft

  • Do you think Danny Amendola is really better than Wes Welker?
  • Do you think the Denver Broncos are better than the Patriots now?
  • Do you think Tom Brady is not happy with you now?

Lots of questions and unhappy fans in New England. I can sense a certain Peyton Manning is chuckling.